Guild Rules

・Never use bug and cheat for PvP.

・You must not commit fraud on others.

・You never use any pets for PvP without the aim of riding. Prohibit ordering pets to kill enemies.

・You can do any nagative actions such as FPK, PK, CPK, MPK and PKK, on their own responsibilties if only you are uiui characters. But the whole Britania including gurds areas is our battlefield, and so you have to restrain yourselves from changing red name.

・We never permit our blue characters to intervene in any other orange names such as blue healer and blue scout.

・You can not join different PvP guilds.

・You must write your character name clearly on any UO messageboards.

・You join IRC channel when you play UO .

・You will be banned cause of your being absent without doue notice for more than a week. If you are absent, you have to submit a request for time off.

About CPK, FPK, MPK, PK and PKK

・You can do everything in principle if only you are DO! characters.

・But you must not do any negative actions to orange enemies. Because these actions may change blue interventions in them.

Other Battlefield Rules

・If we war anyone in other battlefield rules, we obey their rules over all our ones.
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